Termite treatments come in many different forms. It will depend upon the kind of process you would for example to use in your Brisbane home. Many people prefer barriers, some select chemical substance treatments. Other people require a non-chemical solution applied to avert the onset of a termite infestation. Irrespective of your preferred approach, we will be able to ensure that you get a termite treatment in Brisbane that matches your requirements.

Generally there are 2 varieties of termite treatments, those that ensure no more destruction will be the result of a termite invasion that are called reactive treatments and those that safeguard your property prior to a termite attack taking place. Regardless of the kind of solution you choose, we have the in-house know-how, skills and solutions to resolve the termite difficulties you have.



Suitably safeguarding your home in Brisbane is going to save you from a good deal of repair and costs in the coming years and even though there are several alternatives for implementing termite barriers, this strategy is extremely effective and works by using sheets produced in both steel and plastic in combination with a toxic chemical treatment. The process is to place the sheets into the soil that surrounds the property and then treat the soil using a termite repelling chemical substance substance that helps to keep the termites at bay.


Another effective approach to combat termites is termite baiting. This particular process performs by placing a few termite stations along the outskirts of the building, the number of stations is determined by the length and width of your plot of land. The termites come across these baiting systems thinking the bait is food. The termites then eat the bait and return to their nest where the other members of the nest are then infected. This is an effective approach because no dirt has to be disrupted around your home to destroy the termites.

As soon as termites are disturbed an unusual incident such as relocating the soil near their nest, getting rid of them will be made all the more difficult, therefore it’s necessary to pinpoint the termite nest in advance of installing the bait stations and never to disturb the nest in any respect in the process. If you do the termites will completely ignore the bait and find other places to feed, perhaps somewhere on your property or even inside your residence.

The primary key element is to find a specialized Brisbane based team of termite industry experts such as Termite Byte, that understand what they’re doing, as it can be extremely difficult in the event the termite colony is disrupted. By engaging a professional company you’ll get peace of mind the project of ridding yourself of termites can be achieved without having stress.

Chemical substance Termite Solutions

Toxic chemical solutions can be quite a proven effective method of killing a colony. Chemical substance substances are applied to the ground around the perimeter of your property. The the toxic chemicals penetrate the soil where the harmful termites flourish inside. After the toxic chemical has been consumed by just 1 termite, they then spread the poisonous toxic chemical substances out to the remaining members os the colony. This ensures a fast and effective eradication of the pests. You can be rest assured that at Termite Byte, the chemical substance products we make use of exclusively impact termites. They are human and family pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about putting your loved ones in jeopardy.